Kales are good at farming and banditry.. clueless on the running of a modern economy

Rift valley power brokers seems have a mindset confined in the country side, that is farming and their version of gangsterism is banditry. These people have little to zero urbane vibe that is why given a complex Urban economy blueprint to run they innocently remain clueless on anything urban…
They are more inclined in the jungle caveman mentality…and their genuine profession is farming…

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Hao washienzi wanadeserve kurudi altoret kumanga mbuzi wakikimbizana na mabibi zao na huko. Very stupid fools .
How can aan ran a country drinking tea like a Chama woman ? Countries are ran by methamphetamine addicts and drunkards. Hao dio Wanamake a rational decision.


Nakumbuka voters in the last erection wakiambiwa Ruto ni mwizi wakasema tunataka uyo mwizi… ata kama tuna blame kalemenos the people who voted for this clowns are super stupid


Wanamuapisha na CRE notes

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Including those two wankers @Willywonka and @PERDITION

Too late now clowns deal with it

“Hatukuli barabara”


mvua inatoka mbinguni and other stories.

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…“tunataka huyo mwizi”

Hao watu ni kina @ChifuMbitika, @Micymas, @sani and others.