Kalenjin is Kenya's super tribe

Most Kalenjin people live in their own farms, they don’t die of hunger and take their kids to school. Kalenjin people don’t live in slums(as opposed to the other BIG tribes). A Kalenjin girl will command respect from you even if she is a twilight girl who intends to sleep with you for money.

Enda Baringo the poverty there will make you cry.

Just because you have low self-esteem doesn’t mean everyone else who isn’t a kale won’t command respect in life. Pambana na hali yako gathee.

Moi wasted those guys vibaya sana, imagine after 24yrs in power nothing to show kabisa, very very useless fellow

Lol ati kaleniggers wako aje?

@Kalenjin101 leta maoni ghaseer

I’m bullish on kipmenos because the whole of rift valley is resources intense. I mean you can dairy farm there, beef farm and drill boreholes to support citrus,wheat,cotton anything imaginable. Plus, Kales are naturally tall and able bodied if only they built sports complexes in that region Kenya could become a sporting superpower. Kales can play any sport be it football, basketball… anything

@ChifuMbitika Thanks for the big up. I approve your message.

Na elders mkitaka madame vienyeji, tuyellow yellow, and very humble, Kalenjinland is the place to be (Kericho and Bomet to be specific).

Alihamia Nakuru and forgot where he came from. As an NGO worker Baringo and Kilifi are the most poverty stricken counties I have ever been in Kenya

If you think the kipmenos have nothing to show for Arap Nyayo 24 years, you must be an idiot or a kid.


Is this the next level of ass-kissing…what for now…?

Hii watu bado iko na beberu huko kwao.

Baringo Kuna nyoka. Very poisonous puff adder.

Niko na kamoja pale kericho town…cant remember the name of the bar,she is usualy at the counter,ka bar fulani you drive down to the parking from that main road…kanaitwo chela…mi hukapitia nikienda biz hapo tegat…ana heshima sana yule toto.

Kipsigis land.
I almost married a kipsigis girl hapo tegat karibu na hiyo junction ya kapsuser/ tegat tea/ kabianga.

Ukiona Toyota Surf ya maroon & black ikichomoka around hapo, huyo angekua father in law.

Wasichana wa Belgut ni wakora

True, almost kila boma Baringo utapata mtu wa either police, KDF, KWS ama kazi ya serikali. Lakini ulevi iko juu

Leta hekaya elder