Kalashnikov Enters The World Of Electric Cars With A Bang

Meanwhile, in Russia, Kalashnikov has decided that it wants a slice of the electric vehicle pie.

The infamous Russian manufacturer of the most widely used assault rifle in history announced its intentions in 2018. It put an EV motor inside the restomod of a Soviet-era hatch, and it was beautiful. Actually, it was horrible to look at, but would you say that to Kalashnikov?

Thankfully, Kalashnikov moved away from that design and is now working on something a little more urban-friendly.

Kalashnikov recently filed a few images at Russia’s patent office. We’ve seen the Izh UV-4 before, but the three-wheel concept is new.

Ya China kadogo pesa ndogo


I doubt that Russians will ever come up with any decent cars.
All the vehicles that they produced is a piece of trash and there is no positive tendency there, there is no progress in building the cars and I doubt that it is possible for the country to set up a good manufacture of cars. THere are some things which are impossible to happen in Russia, unfortunately. Yes, Kalashnikov produces good rifles but it doesn’t mean that they will also be good at making the cars. So, I feel that they will stop on the stage of a concept, and give u the idea of making electric cars. Highly unlikely.

Is it just me or are exposed hinges and fasteners as well as fender flares both sexy and manly on a car? Can’t get enough of this

Hapa mushaina amefinya tesla ten nil. Huko naskia kila mtu amekimbilia haka kakitu. Huku kenya kanafika na how much including mchukua ushuru cut.

Kamaz is the best truck. Ime shinda dakar rally back to back.