Long live the clan

Si a atumie sting ya nyuki kufanya hizo pimple on her chest ku grow.

manze si afanye boob job

Thugnificent lookalike.


Tf is this.

Enyewe kenyans have bad genes.

But hii natomb in the diabz

You polluted all the rivers so there are African river beetles remaining.

Single maza loading

Tats and in the nude for everyone to see is a bad combo. Bout to be alpha widowed and dumped with all her ratchet mannerisms. Especially ju hana redeeming factors



Nudes gani ziko hapo? Hana matiti period.

Cmon now, she’s overcompensating na something has to give… Her dignity. Must be the only person/fem with tits out if there’s no strippers

Lethal Interjection Crew

Boondocks ilikuwa kali sana.

I dedicate this diss track to @FieldMarshal CouchP :D:D

This chick ni ma shaddna madre zinampeleka mbio.

kumfikisha kileleni si rahisi

@FieldMarshal CouchP unamaliswa bila huruma Guka :D:D:D

Siwes mwaga ndani namwagia forehead nione kama nywele itamea

i like this Kalala tranny

Ndi gehikia kairetu.
Gitare nyondo.
Kaba hikie kígui kí ndugageree.