Kakamega's Stampede Will Be Eclipsed By News About Moi

Not much will be known about Kkmg Primary School now that another important nigger has died. He chose to die at the wrong time


I was jut thinking the same thing. And now the praises are coming in forgetting how he finger fúcked us for twenty-four years.

This is the kind of tragedy that sends a normal nation into deep mourning and serious introspection.
Emergency parliament sittings.
Swift resignations.
Lawsuits upon lawsuits.
Jail time if appropriate.
New laws and regulations etc etc .

But this is Kenya. Life is not worth much. Only the rich and powerful are mourned. Structural failures are not investigated. Tragedies do not result in reforms to the way we do things.

It wasn’t always this way. Kyanguli, Bombolulu, Kizito shook up the nation.

Instead we accept and move on we are used to it now.

Nimesikia Magoha has said the school should not skip a beat and should continue as if nothing happened.

Maghoha and his PHD has the reasoning capacity of Grade Five Japanese boy. Stupidity is inborn in the negro race.

Children of a lesser God


Ata hapa thread ya Kakamega bado kuekwa pin!!

This should come as no surprise.

Just yesterday the Solai Dam case was dismissed in the court.

A case where poor people lost lives, limbs and property because of the arrogant negligence of the rich.

Welcome to Shitholestan

hawa watoto waliumia sana!:confused: