Kakamega's Quest for City Status by 2022

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GOK to families, happy new year and a fuck you… why punish your people?

try driving, or walking in kakamega with 1000 bodabodas zooming past you ndio utaelewa…

I was in Machakos town last Friday. The place is very clean and orderly. Hakuna roadside shops or hawkers anywhere. Even the bodas are not all over like other towns
Gov Mutua has really tried

Cities are not build. They develop. Commerce makes cities, not declarations by bureaucrats in Nairobi

Well unless you have never heard of planned cities ambazo ziko nyingi sana


Not really…in Kenya cities are planned
"…In classifying an area as a city, municipality or town, The Urban Areas and Cities (Amendment) Bill, 2017 says approval of city status shall be subject to a raft of conditions that include
-a population of at least 250,000 people, -ability to provide services that include water and sanitation, street lighting, proper drainage systems,
-an effective public transport system, health services, ambulance services, and public cemeteries.
-A town aspiring city status must also have a fire fighting and disaster management system in place.

A city is also expected to have several recreational facilities;

  • state of the art stadia facilities, good road networks, solid waste management systems, education institutions that include pre- care facilities, training institutions, community centres, conference facilities and air transport facilities.
    -A city must also have reliable sources of energy and electricity supply"

I was shocked…wamebomolea watu vibanda

If we go by this criteria then Nairobi city status should be revoked

Nairobi remains, Act won’t affect it but the rest will have to strictly adhere to this Act

Sustainability is always the problem

hii ni street gani omwami

Karibu na police station, county offices I guess,

Stretch inaanzia pale Catholic /Somkem hadi huko kuelekea Maraba.

Watu wabebe mbao na mabati wakajengee kuku nyumba. Apana tambua vibandas in a modern city!

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