Kakamega boys kill their father and dump his body in a bush

Three Kakamega brothers kill their father for allegedly stealing their smartphone

By Abel Amala, K24 Digital
On Sat, 11 Dec, 2021

A 56-year-old man has been killed by his three sons at Shikangania village in Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega County after they suspected that he broke into their house and stole a smartphone they jointly own.

The three sons, two in High School and one in Primary School levels called their father from a funeral arrangement meeting in a neighbouring compound before they descended on him with blows and kicks.

The suspects are said to have beaten their father to death before dumping his body in a nearby bush.

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The bruised body was discovered by two girls who were on their way to school.

“The deceased used to reside in Nairobi and had only come home for the funeral of our neighbour who died recently. He was part of the team that was digging the late neighbour’s grave when his sons called,” Joyce Nanzekho, sister of the deceased said.

The deceased’s mother, Leonida Keya said that the suspects went to her house to eat on the day of the incident but did not inform her of what they had done to their father.

“This incident has shocked me. I have stayed with these boys since their parents separated but I have never imagined they could kill their father,” Keya said.

Kakamega OCPD David Kabeya who confirmed the incident revealed that the three siblings have been arrested and are being held at the Kakamega police station

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