@Deorro kuna ‘kajicho’ kako on the right hand-side of my phone next to any thread I have posted or any thread I have cared to air my views.Care to explain to me like a kindergarten kid?Ama I already have the answer…:)[SIZE=3] ndio nimekaona saa hizi[/SIZE]

illuminati :saitan:

The eye is an enigma

Sina simu lakini kama ni hii hapa then it simply means you are following(participated or watching it) that thread


Husaidii 'chui


Umetoka gishagi gani? 'Cause I can detect some superstitious fear in your question. Like someone is watching over you.

Kajicho? And they tell you that this sight is anonymous right? Be afraid. Be very much afraid.

Chief…your thoughts clearly reveal that wewe ndio umetoka huko mashinani kwenye superstition is the rule that dictates how villagers behave.Hata sikuwa nimefikiria hivi…

Nkt…you’re boring me now,with your stale jokes.Let’s get this liking thing going

Pole enigma. Just joking