Yaani JAP tume shindwa and the way i was so sure, nkt I’ve lost a bet of 6k

Who bets on political outcomes.

siasa ya maasaini ni ngumu kutabiri unless you are fully conversant with the clan, age-set and other countless dynamics. si ngumu kwenda polling station ukakuta wame vote 98 pc for one candidate and the other 2 pc is spoilt

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Neva be sure with kenyan politics. Anthing can happen. I repeat…anything

Yo! black odiero. Can you stand in Kisum on a JAP ticket and expect ‘anything’ to happen on election day?

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ODM won with a landslide…landslide because the JAPenese bribed voters, inflated the voter turnout but could still not bridge the gap. All the government rigging machinery was at the place but still hawakutosha mboga ya kuangusha chungwa. If the election was free and fair, the gap would be like 7k…truth of the matter

ODM 2017 tuna occupy chungwa house

i may not support odm ideologies but gat mad nuff respect for rao…he trully z an icon in kenyan politiz…


you are entitled to ya own boo’clit opinion

he he, I call that rapid fire, however it is more efficient to aim before you shoot…

in politiks we dont whine or cry baby bitch…we simply spit or swallow…aim to swallow coz i aint being emotional like a bitch on periods

@Bantu haikosi ulianza kuwatch hizo campaigns siku sonko rescue team ilienda huko.
ungeniona na hiyo 6k sa hizi tungekua na two months suplly of fresh coomer from ngong road. nkt

I have another 6k, i wount mind that fresh supply of pussy :slight_smile: