Kahawa Sukari :market forces or agent delusions ?

Was browsing property sections then I came across this 1/4 piece of plot for in Kahawa Sukari at 16M .Listing price is absurd for those who know the area .
No sewer line ,bara bara ni za mchanga and full badly designed old school mansions that scream "repaint me " .There is basically nothing that would justify the price considering the many(better) options available .There’s kijani Ridge ,Bustani park ,projects za cyton yani you are spoilt of choice .

Anyway ,why would anyone buy 1/4 an acre plot here at 16M ?

Money laundering.

Kenyan property market is not sensible.

cc: @Guru

16m for residential plot in a kahawa is too expensive…

Most of those plots were bought in early 2000s, those getting in now are late in the game. Mtakamuliwa tu…

Thome used to be 900k and ppl thot it was overvalued !

Kahawa Sukari is just a middo crass estate who think they are rich.
But buying land in these old and established Nairobi estates is extortion. You will get a better deal in the upcoming gated communities.

that is the price for plots near the highway, where one can build commercial/residential units. Huko ndani…Nay


Must have been in the early 90s

wah, hio ni kama kuitishwa 30M saa hii!

apo umegongwa but in the next 5 years it will be double that

unajua bustani :smiley: . hio mtaa sasa ndio leafy surburbs very silent and very green. kuna dam hapo niliswim sana,waay back when, huko chini karibu na maquarry tukienda kuiba golf balls za Windsor, zile zimepotea kwa msitu. lakini kuna wamaasai juu ya miti na fea zimewekwa bano walitutesa sana.

ni pesa ngapi hapo bustani?

Bei ni ya birrioneas. pangia 2-5 M for a 50100 or 100 100. But huko no regrets. red soil, lami, zuku faiba, stima , maji,green environment with @MANKY and best of all peaceful silence. Great place for a getaway home. and all neighbours are birrioneas.

How now? Prices rose because of Firstly being near K.U and second the Highway. Unless there is something major that will happen i dont see the prices doubling. It is now appreciating at the normal rate.

it is getting tarmacked allover and actively sorting its water issues.the residents are getting wealthier,include appreciation and inflation and you get my drift.

maji iko siku hizi?

ee wiki haishi bila kukuja atleast twice or thrice alafu there is a new water pipe from ruiru water to be connected it will ease the water problems