Leo amekam mapema aje…

Anasema Nini

Amesema twelve

Previously traveled or internal infections?

Local infections, five are hotel employees.

Lazma weekend ianze mapema

Buruburu phase(nilikuwa nimeandika face) 4 kuna msee alipatikana nayo,na ni wale wasee wa kuongea mob so amemingle na wadhii kabla ijulikane.
Somehow Melinda Gates vision might come to pass

Melinda alikua anadai that by now we will be correcting bodies from the streets… Fck her. It’s not going to happen

Sawa msapere mwenzangu…nimekuonea 18

hihihihi :D:Dpia mimi nimemuona as much as I hate grammar nazis.

Hahah it has not happened but it might,imagine ikianza kuingia kwa sehemu kama Buruburu,kidogo iko Donholm,then Huruma woooii.
She will start rubbing her bean kwa kufurahia

hehehehe fck you too!!!

Shrubbing when writing is unacceptable on the planet

Kagwe is worse than Echesa and Kazungu combined. He is incapable of organising a kindergaten school trip. Wakishikana na Macharia na ile ng’ombe ingine ya ICT mucheru ni disaster ndio tungoje tuu.

I would sincerely like to hear how you think he should handle, or what he’s doing wrong.

A K-talker used the term ad-hominem. I could be wrong on this, but Kagwe’s main work is to collate, co-ordinate, articulate…and he is dong just well, and I am sure you could do better too. But for now, he is in charge and needs our support and not puerile criticism!

[li]Kenyans have many problems that you cannot just “direct” away,[/li][li]You dont take in people at quarantine centres then start blackmailing them to pay you and your cronies in the name of quarantine fees,[/li][li]We expect to see a build up at our hospitals na usianze upuss eti health is devolved,[/li][li]Where is the data backing up most of his roadside declarations?[/li][li]Frontline personel hawana essential gear one month after msito covid checked in.[/li][/ol]
You see son, what we expect to see is something methodical and impactful. Hii upuss ya kila siku kusomea number ya new infections na kupewa impractical directions ni ushenzi. Let him tell us what the govt is doing with the cases so far identified, what support the national govt is extending to counties and how coordinated the health ministry is with other ministries.

You are used to dereva walevi.

Watu wamesoma dictionary ati puerile, ad hominy si useme childish criticism

You don’t know my age bro, hii ni unnecessary matusi.