Kagwe ni humbwer ghaseer

Mutahi Kagwe, whom Kenyans have been praising for allegedly handling the corona crisis well is calling for DCI to arrest people who doubt the government’s official narrative about the two stooges/actors/NIS agents Brenda and Brian. Huge red flag.

Actors? Provide evidence. I almost thought ameiba minofu yako hence the name-calling.

Ambia uyo minister kwanza aprovide tangible evidence unless wewe ni wale watu wa kusaidiwa kufikiria

Ama huyu brenda nikitoweo ya kagwe?
It’s stating to add up now.

Mkubwa please stay indoors, Stay safe. Jipige kufua June ama July Huko.

Manze Twitter CSI inatishiwa ikanyagie story.