Kagame's Rwanda

A Rwandan opposition party said Tuesday that one of its officials had been stabbed and murdered, fuelling concerns over a string of unsolved killings of its members.
Victoire Ingabire, leader of the unregistered but vocal FDU-Inkingi party, said Syridio Dusabumuremyi had been attacked by two men on Monday night in the shop where she worked.


“Our party deplores the assassination of its national coordinator, Mr Dusabumuremyi. He was savagely stabbed by two individuals this Monday shortly after 9 pm,” Ingabire said.
“After several unsolved assassinations of our party members, we have no hope that his murder will be fully investigated and solved,” she added.
Rwandan police said two suspects had already been detained.
“Two people have been arrested in connection with the murder and investigations are ongoing,” the Rwanda Investigative Bureau (RIB) said in a statement.
Ingabire’s party has lost several members to mysterious deaths and disappearances, which it sees as an attack on dissenting voices in the country.

In March, party spokesman Anselm Mutuyimana, was abducted and his body was found in a forested area in the west of the country.
A man was later arrested as a suspect in his death, but no details around the suspect were provided.
RIB spokesperson Modeste Mbabazi said, “investigations are ongoing.”
Another member, Eugene Ndereyimana, has been missing since July and is feared dead.
Ingabire, a critic of the government, was released from jail in September last year after receiving an unexpected presidential pardon.
She was arrested in 2010 as she planned to contest elections against President Paul Kagame.
Ingabire, an ethnic Hutu, was accused of “genocide ideology” and “divisionism” after publicly questioning the government narrative of the 1994 genocide of mostly Tutsi people that killed around 800,000 people.
Members of Ingabire’s party were frequently arrested during her detention, and human rights groups accused the military of torturing them.

Rights groups accuse Kagame of ruling with an iron fist, clamping down on dissent and opposition politicians.

I’ll be Kenya’s Kagame. I’ll president for life and will probably get your tribal leader stabbed.

I once said here that Rwanda wouldn’t be that organised if they had the democracy of Kenya. Somebody said that I was just shitting on Rwanda. I wasn’t.
Do you think Paul Kagame would allow Oscar Sudi and Kipchumba Murkomen to keep attacking national government policies on wealth declaration/lifestyle audits of national leaders and Mau Forest restoration plans if he, Kagame, was president of Kenya? They would be in exile in Zambia appearing on JKL video conferencing.

Kagame is slowly turning into a cold hearted and a ruthless dictator. He will overstay in power and probably cause a civil war worse than the 94 genocide.

Ati slowly turning? That’s what he has always been. It works lakini sio fair.

Democracy is not cheap !

In Africa, we need a different style of democracy where the opposition is in government the Kenyan style. Let the citizens be the opposition not politicians. Third-world countries will always be faced with immense challenges be they natural, economic, political, or social. It is unfair to the sitting government to have the opposition politicians exploit these challenges to obtain power. If we were to go by the ideals of Western democracy, no government in the developing would be able to operate for more than one term because there will always be challenges they cannot fix. In Rwanda, for instance, adopting strict democracy would allow opportunists to exploit clan numbers, something that would revive the kind of clan rivalry that led to the Rwandan genocide. Similarly, a pure democracy in Uganda could easily re-appear the societal cracks that have long been forgotten since the end of the civil war. Closer to home, the Kibera citizenry will always be available to protest against any sitting government because their situation will forever be wanting. Democracy should be a process toward inclusion and not necessarily a final state.

Mara its a she,Mara its a he… Confusing names to say the least. Makes the article less believable.

Or even raila odinga! Just say it!

Yes him too. Kwanza he is the one that taught everybody to constantly fight government policy even when it is to build toilets in Kibra

Lol. You’re acting like we didn’t have a vicious dictator that clamped down on dissenting opposition leaders.

That was a generation ago. For Rwanda this is happening in 2019

Kagame has been clamping down on dissent for some time. Only in the last 5 years has he resorted to murdering opponents.

Rwanda’s true test of stability as a nation will come when Kagame is gone. Until then it’s a tinpot dictatorship with a flowery pretence of prosperity and stability.

Kenya’s problem isn’t democracy. Its a combination of idiotic voters electing the least qualified and the most corrupt people to positions of power and a complete failure of the rule of law.

Fix those two problems and we become a second world nation in 20 years

Violence is the only language bonobos understand. Kagame usilegeze kamba.

So are you agreeing or disagreeing when I say that Kenya went through this a generation ago and Rwanda is going though it now?

I suggest you read the Wikipedia page of the man and you will realize he has always been heartless but for a good reason.

I’m saying Rwanda can still be a functional state with a democracy and doesn’t need a bloodthirsty dictator like Kagame.

I’m also saying that Kenya’s democracy isn’t a problem and that dictatorship isn’t a solution

Interesting that Norway is a socialist state, China a communist, Britain a monarch, US a democracy, DRC a democracy, Rwanda a dictatorship and Kenya is a handshake.

Democracy wasnt meant for Africans.
We cant be queueing every 5 years.

You deserve to be stabbed.