Kagames daughter off the market

Ako, wakanyama

That is the same as 1.

Jeez! All this beauty.

Sorry @ChifuMbitika. I meant 2thirds…pole

Na watu wakisema she’s tall, why you arguing? Unless ushawai kutana na dame ana miguu fupi na huku kwingine amerefuka…brarry…@&£#¶∆•√%

Fair point. But I have lived in and around Rwanda/Burundi and parts of DRC. I have also lived, worked and fucked in Ethiopia and I can assure you both Rwandese and Ethiopian are long legged.


That’s how all mbilikimos comfort themselves… Ati “mikonyo ikishikana Sisi wote tunatoshana!”

Ukienda Tinder ya Rwanda uone manze anadai ati I want a Tall dark and handsome man with a good sense of humour, jiondoe buda!
Ushatolewa Kwa SHORTlist of applicants!

All pure Tutsi are tall, both men an women @Mathaais. I have lived there

Niaje waweru

Why are you acting like you’re tall yourself? Umesahau ile picha ulipost na lorry yako? From that picture the tallest you can be is 5’7

Jealous people proverbs cleverly hidden.

I am six two.
Uliza @Mrs Shosho

I was just scrolling quickly to see if you have replied. Thus thread ia ripe for your comments/input. Hehehe and as usual you are projecting your sense of insecurity on another talker. Huhuhuhu

@Ka-Buda, I dont do Tinder Noogle hii. And my wife is a Maa. And She is Taller than I am. And we have three grown children. And I have fucked tutsi and hutu from both Rwanda/Burundi borders. And I have sampled afew tribes in DRC. I Have also lived and worked in Hergeisa (Somalia) and Shashamane (Ethiopia), again sampled diverse women

Kinyarwanda is very close to greek. So many shared words.


I have alot of Maa in me myself and I have met one or two Rwandese but I’m yet to bang any!
Walalos and Ethiopians I had to pay for from Florida 2000 so that’s two ticks off my bucket list.

Just when I thought that I just needed to bang a Bootilicious Brazilian to complete my Bucket list you go ahead and impose a Hutu and Tutsi on me !
Damn you @MutheeK … next time I get the chance I’ll have a threesome with two Rwandese… A Hutu and a Tutsi!..

Nah, 5’4".

Truedat, you know most Kenyan guys are on the short side. You must show me around Maa land one day. I would love to sample how they live rather than watch stuff on telly.