Kagames daughter off the market

She has finally said "YES! "


She is one tall bitch

The tall ones are the best.

Now that must have been a Tall order. Kikikikkkk…

Kumbe ni ukweli when they say that women are attracted to men who look like their daddies?

In Rwanda most people are tall, in kenya most people are short

Tough luck for most midgets hapa KTalk.
Nothing more intimidating than approaching a taller woman than you.

Hiyo ni kutupa nyasi

One of the gifts must have been a 6" X 6" mattress lined with a 0.8mm polythene paper.

Huyo jamaa pia ni mrefu…sijui watoto watatoshana aje. That aside, imagine being kagames son in law.

:D:D:D, hiyo amefungika

@digi, @Ka-Buda. The lady is not tall. She has LONG LEGS, and you two are trying to measure yourselves UP to her height.

What if it’s a Rwandese thing and all men look like that?

Mimi sijawahi ona mtu mrefu ana miguu mifupi:confused:

Nahamia Rwanda

Precisely! From abdomen and downwards is 3thirds of your total height

3 thirds???!

Absolutely @ChifuMbitika

Kivipi shoga waweru

Some very tall people…





Taller than her Father.