Even if you hate Kagame you cannot deny this kind of planning success . No city in Kenya has attained this

Tuoshe mecho na mali ya Rwanda acha upuzi

Do not always compare yourself with others. you will develop incurable self-reproach. learn to appreciate whatever you have. Mundu athugumaga na gake ona ge kanini

But you gotta applaud the country having attained such development within 20 years with one president ,whereas we’ve had 50years running with colonialists infrastructure and four doorknobs as presidents and we get excited over half arsed road and rail network. Do you see proper walkways,manicured lawns bila streetpeople or hangarounds on them?

Rwanda still lags behind on basics…good progress but Kagame can do better.


One-man-shows as president are normally very successful in the short run. In EA, we have Rwanda and Uganda. What happens when they are gone?

Ethiopia had also been doing well but look at them now. They did extremely well economically under Zenawi. The more important thing is to make a nation that can properly function without you.

Atleast with us here in Kenya our tribalism doesnt leave the political arena and enter the military one. We are far more of a functional state than Rwanda

Political assassination plot


Hau ni ma

Rwanda is very small. You can easily develop it.

Rwanda yote inaingia ndani ya Nakuru County, ni kama tu Lee Kinyanjui aunde hio Naks city akipewa budget serious

Kagame’s PA damning testimony…

I concur fully

But kenya has more money per county,hata zile sidelined za north eastern na ukambani.kubali tu the government is braindead .kanairo alone ile pesa inaingiza p.a ni enough kujenga barabara kenya yote so sioni point ya ‘rwanda is small’. Size doesnt matter,hujui hio bado?

Laikipia or Turkana county can produce 5 Rwandas. I concur with you

Yaani Google is free and you have confidence to say things like this? It’s no wonder this forum is on its death bed.

This is just an approximation

5 times is not even close.
Turkana is 68680 sqkm. Rwanda is 26338sqkm

Let’s say it’s three

Wachana na serikali, wewe umedevelop nini kwako and the way you earn a lot of money? Now expand that to country level

Kenya ni ya wezi. Hata udevelop kitu,itaibiwa ama kila mtu akue mradi yako. Pesa ni ya watoto,i insinuate waende wakaishi nje wakikomaa,huku ni hasara tupu. Pesa iko but kwa mifuko tofauti