Kagame Endorsed For Another Term

Kagame has been president since 2000. He’s been endorsed for another term:


Does not matter. Musheveni has been prisidint of Luganda since 1986

Will our neighbors collapse once their strong men exit from power? Or their anointed success fail, will they resort to violence again?

Maybe that is why our region is considered volatile.

These fools should have mentored younger leaders and gave them power before collapsing dead otherwise Uganda and Rwanda are tickling time bomb

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Kule Naikuru do you even vote

It is a World wide phenomenon …

Once any strong man or political force enters or exits , latent divisions , factions , cults and cliques surface and begin jockeying for control and power …

  • the departure of the colonial British triggered the separation of India and Pakistan.
  • the rise of Mao’s China triggered the separation of Taiwan
  • the death of Marshall Tito triggered the separation of Yugoslavia.

And it is not a third word phenomenon only …

Donald Trump’s MAGA fanatics have threatened to seceed from the USA if they don’t get victory in November 2024 …

Although it is somehow probably a remote possibility , anything is possible with a very partisan , ultra-conservative , Trump appointed US Supreme Court to legally rubber stamp and uphold such a move… :blush:

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