Kafogo Returns Fire


:smiley: Enyewe mtu akikuuliza swali ya ufala kama hiyo si lazima amnyamazishe
Duncan Baliat apewe kiti alafu apewe supu

I hope this is a parody account.Because this is being stupid.

It’s the real one

Inakaa hujui kabogo poa.

But Kabogo dragging the turd’s mother into the ‘tweet fight’ is also childish!! It speaks alot about his temperament & intellectual capabilities…

Dont forget that the guy is a Punjab University alumni. Allegedly.
Not exactly the cream of the crop


Its like having a crap filled head is a major requirement for being a kenyan politician

Kabuffalo just hit in between the balls, where it hurts most.

Wetangula pia aliuzwa where he stashed the millions from the Tokyo embassy scandal akajibu tweep, “In your mother’s account”

Kiambu sijui tulikosea wapi, yt2 too is from Punjab,

Inasemekana every market has it’s madman, but in Kiambu you are blessed with two :smiley:

Nilimwona kwa ile inaugural flight ya KQ to NY. Ni kama ma joyriders walidandia kweli kweli.