KAF C145 Skytruck

Finally , a well needed upgrade to our defense capabilities …



The Kenya Air Force (KAF) has commissioned its recently acquired C-145 Skytruck transport aircraft into service , which will ultimately help replace the entire accident-prone Chinese Y-12 aircraft fleet.


Elshaapaap wakuje Sasa







American flag ni ya nini?

Uhuru amefanya kazi buana.

Wakinunua Sukhoi mniambie.

Ambia Bingwa apange friendly match.

Who do you think donated it …??? :smiley:

Uhuru amefanya biashara bwana

Uncle Sam and his sidekick, the British hawesi kubali hio deal iende through.

What exactly the Sukhoi for …??? :smiley:


Itaruka aje bumps na hizo miguu ziko chini hivo?

The Craft can operate out of rough field landing strips … :D:D



Now with the capability to launch the JSSM Stealth Cruise Missile with a 600+ mile range …

Nothing on this continent can currently beat that …!!! :smiley: