Kadhi courts- Lawyers kujeni huku

Why do we non Muslims have to pay for Islamic/Muslim courts yet us as Christians Hindus Traditionalist and others we do not have our own Christian/Hindu/traditional courts. Why does our taxes fund the salaries and operations of Muslim kadhi courts? Is this really fair?

Because even if we didn’t the cases would still come to the secular courts which are already clogged.

Nyinyi ni Christians kweli? Dini yenu inawaruhusu kuwa na mivurutano na kutafuta suluhisho kwa korti za kidunia?

What does a Christian court look like my lord?

Also what rules of law would apply to these courts bearing in mind that Kadhi courts are only limited to matters of marriage and succession?

All taxes are paid by Kenyans regardless of your race, religion, or tribe and The government uses the taxes to serves all citizens also regardless of your race, religion, or tribe.
Inakaa Uko na chieth thinking sana.
Hata unakaa kunyimana wageni wako muslims chakula hata wakikam na Christian friends. Meffi wewe

Beef yako na waislamu ni gani?

Stick to pricing lanyes. This topic is beyond your mental comprehension.

Kadhi courts just deal with religious and traditions of muslims kama divorce, criminal cases haziko hapo . Kadhi powers zake ziko level ya magistrate . so kama mtu hajafurahia mambo yake anaenda High court .

inasaidia ku decongest korti as said.

but i agree with you it should not be in the constitution coz musilamu akiwa president he can easily tilt the law towards sharia shitt

It was an agreement made in independence. Otherwise Muslims in Coast and North Eastern would have seceded from Kenya.

If Muslims were tax exempt this would be an issue. Kadhi courts have limited jurisdiction. The courts predate colonial Kenya.

Kadhi courts or Kadhi’s courts are a court system in Kenya that enforce limited rights of inheritance, family, and succession for Muslims. The history of Kadhi courts extends prior to the colonization of East Africa in the 19th century, and the courts continued under British rule and after Kenyan independence in 1963.

Si imewekwa Kwa konstitution

Customary law takes into consideration local customs and traditions

Coastal strip deal with the sultan of Zanzibar.Not ‘Coast province’ or North Eastern.

Wewe punguza marijuana smoking bana

Kadhi courts only deal with divorce issues and marriages. They don’t try criminals under sharia law