Within a period of less than two years this guy continues to create some very powerful political enemies:

  1. @Uhunyeh
  2. @Raila_Odinga
  3. @Mozes Kuria
  4. Ndindi Nyororo
  5. Wamatinga
  6. Muranga Senator Nyutu
  7. Mwangi Waaria
  8. Mungiki leader Maina Njenga
  9. Billionaire Wangükü
  10. Billionaire SK Masharia

Ironically his boss has not made a single enemy since assuming office. In fact he has reconciled with a few former enemies.

The dude is slowly alienating himuselif…


Rather naive of him given his background working with politicos for decades. Doesn’t he have advisors ama ni wale hawaambiliki?

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Sio kwa ubaya lakini nyeri born guy’s (@Electronics4u Included) wana kuwanga na kashida wakipata pesa ama cheo…to take waturedios example look at how he cheerled cyprian nyakundi to change to this new Ui…forgetting all his fellow kijijians who had stood by the old site to follow nyakundi without second thought…nyeri guy’s also have a problem with not being able to remove the log in their eyes whilst looking at the specks in others…and this generally applies to all of them not only @Electronics4u and riggy g


In short Nyeri men wako na umama


There is some method to his seeming madness. RiggyG is borrowing from the WSR playbook of appealing to the masses directly and appearing anti-establishment. RAO and Uhuru, whether in opposition or not, epitomize the establishment.

He is creating his own base, which up to now was not well defined. Especially targeting the disillusioned, unemployed yet tech-savvy youth (why else would he embrace the RiggyG moniker?).

Very smart operator that one. He revels in being underestimated. Otherwise, how does a first time MP, of a rural backwater, ascend to the second highest office in the land in such a short space of time?


The only thing gchagua needs to do is shut up and 90% of his problems will be solved. the other 10% would include only talking when necessary.

Followed by :point_down:

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Oya bazengzeng,Ktalk ni ya Cyprian Nyakundi aka @anon2325444 ?

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