Kachagua vows to deal with Raila - Baba kwisha


:D:Dman is playing into their hands… the whole point of the opposition is get under your skin and make yo do something dumb

The DO will succeed where former presidents have failed.:smiley:

Kachagua is a true chokora, if something was to happen and Ruto gave Raila nusu mkate it would kill the him

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If only he gave he right things this much focus, then the country would be better off. Lakini “mau mau” ni nani? mau mau DO kichwa chake ni container ya mate pekee.

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Babu Owino amesema yeye ndio ata-deal na kachakua horizontally and perpendicularly, eti Kachakua sio rika ya Baba.


Baba’s response to Gachagua

[SIZE=7]Raila Dares Gachagua Over Mau Mau Remarks[/SIZE]
[li]By KIOKO NYAMASYO on 23 January 2023 - 3:32 pm[/li]
Raila Odinga addressing a rally at Kamukunji Grounds on Monday, January 2023.
Azimio Leader Raila Odinga on Monday, January 23, Raila Odinga dared Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua.

Speaking at the Kamukunji Grounds shortly after jetting back from his trip to South Africa, the former Prime Minister told an ecstatic crowd that he had heard Deputy President Gachagua’s remarks criticising him.

Raila expressed his astonishment with the manner in which the Deputy President indicated to President William Ruto to let him handle the Azimio leader.

'I was surprised to hear Gachagua bragging that Ruto should let him handle me. He also keeps telling Kenyans that he is the son of Mau Mau, I have news for him," Raila remarked amidst cheers from the charged crowd.

The former Prime Minister further indicated that Gachagua was not born when Mau Mau was fighting for independence and hence should stop associating himself with the freedom fighters for political expedience.

“I want to educate Gachagua that it was my father Jaramogi Oginga Odinga who represented Mau Mau freedom fighters and took them out of jail,” Raila responded to Gachagua.

The Azimio Leader further cautioned the Deputy President to exercise caution when making political remarks.
"Gachagua should learn about political history and appreciate where we have come as a nation.
“I have sacrificed a lot for this country even spending years in jail for this country, we are not equal agewise or politically and he should respect me,” the Azimio leader warned.

Raila while addressing Azimio supporters at Kamukunji Grounds stated that Gachagua was wrong and that he was not seeking a handshake.

He went further and revealed he cannot join Ruto’s government as he does not recognize his August 9, 2022, presidential win.

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