Kachagua tells matatus and hawkers wakae ngumu in CBD, also noisy clubs

Freedom has come.



@Riggy G hapa niko na wewe kabisa.
It was a very stupid directive from the @Use Less Gavana. It’s not applicable in Nairobi Metropolis unless it’s enforced by neighbouring counties.
For example: Those drinking at club 1.7 along the Eastern bypass which is in Nairobi Cownty easily cross the road and go to Greenspot or other pubs which are in Kiambu County and operate for 24 hours uninterrupted. !

Isn’t this the same residential area?
Aache u slay queen.

Wananchi walikataa io maneno. Kama umetoka ocha umelipa fare ya kwenda Nairobi lazima upelekwe hadi ufike town.

Sakaja hafai.

mkubwa kwani Sakaja alisemaje juu ya clubs specifically?

Sheria lazima ifuatwe… hizo nugu zikule teargas kutoka Russia.

Riggy G aseme tuchape hao askari wa Kanjo pia

No bar will be allowed to operate within a residential area beyond 10pm.

Governor Baruhya ashugulikie wqtchmen kwanza

Tunawachapanga bila permission

Hizi trains zinakuja lini

wacha pombe paka mzee . enda nyumbani Ruai ukunywe maziwa ulale by saa nne . sisi mbirioneas huku leafy suburbs hizo rules hatuzitambui

Don’t hold your breath. Ata BRT lanes zimeisha ile lipstick ya red

I thought this was an ideal.move.So kelele irudishwe mashinani au nini.Na usiseme ati wapunguze noise after 10pm…that will not happen

This may not affect a mbirrionaire like you but you need to know there are businesses that depend on these night clubs… it affecting the others sectors.
Taxis and mathrees.
Boarding and lodging

kwani they depend on noise to make sales ? wazime mziki buana


Do by-laws allow erecting of night clubs and churches within residential areas…we cannot allow mediocrity to flourish with a view of supporting other businesses.
Bar na night clubs zirudishwe town…

Overhead some mat guys saying the plan is to eliminate mats from town,then Ruto alete BRT thru a “PPP” model,but sasa eti shida ni hakuna stage Tao,and Sakaja is in it,that’s why there’s the Divide with Mudavadi,juu ni eliminate “Kiuks” businesses from town waingize zao haha

Lmaoooo.it’s very easy to turn Kikuyus against his regime using propaganda the same way he did to Uhuru .:D:D:D:D

un fortunately many Nairobians will be on the side of Gachagua…


Apparently the “PPP” BRTs will be Ruto owned. Hapo ndio shida iko haha