Kachagua amemalisa Raila completely


Are these things realtime kupayuka or ni words put on a picture?

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He said that while attending some function in Machakos

He said it, it is on video

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Our DP anapenda kuropoka sana :grinning:

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The spirit of Truth visits DP Gachagua on a daily basis.

I think Kachakua is right. Siasa is like the premier league. If Arsenal beats Man U 1-0, Man U cant demand half of the premier league Cup, they have to wait for the next season. I blame Moi for starting hii maneno ya nusu mkate in 1997 when Mois Kanu merged with Railas NDP and Raila took Kamothos Kanu SG seat. Then kibaki did the nusu mkate thing in 2008. Then Uhuru did handshake in 2017. And now Jsks is having talks with kimundu. In all democracies if a party loses an election they wait to compete in the next election. Hii upus ya Raila ya losing and then demanding to be on the winning side sijui ilitoka wapi. Hasla apeleke hii mtu bondo forever coz he is the biggest threat to Kenya’s democracy. Ngoma iturikagio niguthinjiruo.

We don’t have time for another handshake as we fix the previous handshake

You and who ? Mtu WA Malaya za 150 ako na all the time . Kunegotiate shimo to 150 needs a day