kachabali.... dont just be Ndeeee!

The Ugandans knows it all…kachabali.
They get sex education from early age.



Tuet have a school too


Mia fiu


How old are you?


Sawa Hapo…
Indeed , a useful Life Skill…


Niggaz wanakojolewa and they think they surfing…

Few Kenyan men understand the art and so many Kenyan women hold themselves back.

Women can hold themselves back in sex… Sawa sneak Diss these ktalk kamwanas and otis…
Inaonekana its been a while - @Meria Mata your threshold card unawekwa in question hapa
Service card ipitshwe kwa trusted 3rd party pinky verified Na diplens

You guys actually think kachabali is peeing :D:eek:
Let’s not even argue about that , there are numerous threads about it here.

There is Cummings and piss… These bitches are pissing… No way… I have felt the warm shit drip and feel. It squirt… Kiasi… But hizi za ma waterfall… Have not encountered and mostly ain it kinda creamy sticky… Zii this bitches are pissing…

A Golden shower…let’s not even go there.

More of a silver lining

More like ‘ALL’ women. Sheep (herd) mentality.

niko na tool,kile nahitaji ni tutor


@pseudonym umeweka reply ya kwanza, ukaona haitoshi ukaongeza. Ukakaa 15min ukasema fuck it, let me throw a third one. :D:D