Kabul has fallen banae

:DNini husumbua ii waarabu
kifua kila pahali


@Bingwa Scrotum uko side gani hapa

@patco atasema ni makosa ya biden

This is yet another Saigon moment. Russia has said it will keep its embassy open.

Hard won human rights especially for women and girls will be reversed as the Taliban favour strict Sharia law.

Who is funding and providing weapons to the Taliban?

Are Afghan’s Arabs, asking for my Son ?

Russia and China

They raise funds by taxing territories under their control. They also sell opium and heroin.

20 years, 2 trillion dollars, countless people killed both civilians and military personnel, all wiped out in less than a month. President alijitoa but he very likely saved his own life. Ni kunoma

hapa tungoje Mchoosite aamke:D

mteso wacha kuharibia msito Putin jina…
ama ume confuse Ar raqaa na tora bora mountains:D

Yes kidole sambusa!

Tulishaona ama saa hii ndiyo unaamka after kunywa 4th generation?

Persian…and they hate each other equally (the Arabs)

ngitey…weka link sio kuropokwa kama mama soko

mchoosite ii ndio kusema nini…


  1. To whom did the women and girls of Afghanistan send an S.O.S requesting for protection of their human rights?
  2. What human rights are these, that you purport will be reversed by the Taliban?

very crude joke

There were no rights to begin with, and no one but outsiders were demanding them. Afghanistan is no place for women, the meek, and the “kaffir.” When Bush was talking of sending his boys there, the naysayers were shouted down, ati we’ll be out in a matter of weeks. Some foresaw this scenario, but no one listened. What was the plan to actually win and install a stable administration? The democratization effort was like trying to hold up a heavy picture with glue. It was set to fail before it began. But believe you me, there will still be a revisiting by the West in our lifetime, and the guys in turbans won’t like it one bit when that day comes.

Taliban are good as they strictly practice Islamic law. No matter how much brains washing the western powers tried on Afghan people, Taliban remained popular that is why the did not face any revolt. Afghan Imposed government was very corrupt.

imagine being the limbless nigga with ptsd realizing that your sacrifice was for nothing:D:D:Djoining the army is the dumbest thing one can do

umegonga kweli

they can start from zero again:D
maybe this time $10 trillion