Kabogo was Heading Home

Kasarini Primary Waititu 812 Kabogo 290
Kirigiti Waititu 988 Kabogo 107
St. George’s Primary Waititu 1200 Kabogo 7

Kiambu Sub-County
Kangoya primary School Kabogo 18 Waititu 369
Madaraka kabogo 58 Waititu 182

Kabete Sub-County

Rukubi polling station, Gitaru Ward,
Kabogo 58 Waititu 479
Ack st Mary thindigua result
Governor waititu 529 kabogo 109
Mutundu (juja) bbyao 181 kbo 76.
Baba Yao 369 votes
Kabogo 19 votes
Rejected 0
Tiekunu ,waititu 244,kabogo 56,
Kinyogori W91 K3
Cantaria W206 K25
Waititu 1940 votes
Kabogo 39votes
Rejected 10 votes
Kiambu municipal hall…W420K75…
nyoro primary waititu 276 kabogo 68 votes
Nyataragi W217K24
W - 133
K - 14
Muchoba - 132
Karungo - 39
St. Paul Baba Yao 350 kabogo 36
Chief Juja Baba Yao 151 kabogo 42
Kenyatta rd 258 Baba Yao kabogo 52
Mwereri 280 Baba Yao kabogo 16
Chania PRI Babayao 154 kabogo 69
Mangu PRI babayao 375 mambo 196
Jathaini babayao149 kabogo 67
Jathaini babayao149 kabogo 67
Mangu 375 Babayao 195 kabogo
Mangu 375 Babayao 195 kabogo
umoja polìng statìon ,Govenor waititu 205
kabogo238 spoìld votes3.senator wamatangi 179 thangwa131 women rep muchomba 378 nyokabi 39.mp jungle 261 alice101
*This is why Kabogo had to bring violence and make sure it was cancelled

That asshole should go home. Waititu is not exactly an ideal candidate, but I believe that despite his immaturity, he is a lesser evil.

@mayekeke and @Ice_Cube …ebu kujeni kidogo


Alikuwa ashaanza kukauka

Wacha akauke akikaukanga…he is a murderer allegedly.

Kabogo has Kiambu locked in. All else is bar talk talk. A big shame.

He was headed home, that is why he disrupted voting

Those figures look cooked, that margin is too big for a close race considering Kabogo is the sitting Governor.

Watu wa centro hatupedagi ujinga admin Kende moja…hata zero is a reality…Kabogo is a proud fucker…people hate him

doesn’t matter, it was cancelled.

Kabogo kiburi na matusi ndio zitamuangusha, he is not a great governor yet he is not terrible either, performance anachezea 50%. Shida yake akifungua mdomo ni matusi na madharau, while unseating him seems unlikely siwezi shangaa sana if he loses.

Kabogo should be sent home by 8am. The way he talks about women leaves a lot to be desired

It wasn’t close…incumbency means nothing huko, Centro has one of the highest turnover of sitting reps in the country

The issue is, Waititu is not fit to be governor. Anyway, the electorate is not known for rationality.

Kende Mosi cannot visualize that explanation. He comes from a place where they do the same thing every 5 years => donate all votes to JaKuon.

Haiya!! Once Jubilee fine tunes their apparatus and better nominations are held, Kabogo will rue the day he said ‘irathimo cuimaga iguru’ referring to his dropping 50 bob notes off his chopper to the rabble below.

Kabogo mpaka mwisho.

Hakununulia wewe thong na bra 2013

Imagine :stuck_out_tongue:
He has treated Mheshimiwa Alice very badly