Kabogo Tena...

The healthcare in Kiambu is one of the best in Kenya, we have guys coming from Nairobi to get treatment in Kiambu, some few years back, patients shared beds even in the maternity wing, now it’s a distant memory.
Kiambu town now has fresh running water 24/7 the same couldn’t be said a couple of years ago…

Kabogo may have a potty mouth but development wise, he’s one of the best performing governors if not the best, my views…

Kiambu residents, can now get to know some of the projects initiated in their area (up to ward level) by accessing this page (this link doesn’t work on phones):


In addition, they can take a virtual tour of these projects which is made possible by 360 degree photography.

Karuri market:

Muguga dairy:

Ndumberi Road:

Thika Level 5 hospital:

Hakuna County ingine hii Kenya imefanya hii kazi yote.


Kabogo is a fighter, I saw what he did to one Stephen Ndicho in 2002, then George Thuo in 2007, am waiting patiently to see, kama hii itakuwa K.O pia.

Eeeeer hapo utanisamehe kidogo, but Mutua took the best Kafana title kitambo sana…

Mutua ni hype tuu, Kabogo has done some good work here, ok let me say he’s one of the best.

Mutua is a political conman.

Ustadh Mayeks hapa umenoa kunoa,Kabogo alianguka kitambo sana tafadhali tavuna kasenge polepole na usahau Kabogo.

Mutua understands what media hype and publicity can do, he took advantage of that and ran with it

umeonja pesa ya pharmacy?

Na hio sio double standards? What has Kabogo done right that Mutua hasn’t? Tofauti ipo wapi for one to be better than the other, juu as far as I know, its not Kabogos performance that’s the bone of contention with the people of Kiambustan…

Kweli, lakini ni wangapi tunaeza sema hata hype yao ipo sawia na ile ya Mutua?

Nikiona mnalia juu ya mutua na kabogo i wonder. kisii hakuna maendeleo hata kidogo yaani yaa ni kama tulirogwa

so leo Mutua ni PR tu na a few months ago he was the best performing kavana, hata jubilee bloggers were taking credit for his pr.

His political cost ~allegations of abusing women

Watu wa kiambu wanahitaji tu barabara zitengenezwe.

What did he do to Mr Muchai former headmaster !

Umepewa KabogoCredits (KCrk) ngapi?
ION, the anyone can actually point out some serious prioritised work the guy has carried out.

Kafa kafogo

@mayekeke = @kabogo = KOTG

Hahahaha @mayekeke, umeamkia sinyore?

Kabogo’s arrogance was his undoing! How do you move the county hq to your home town rather than relocating closer to Kiambu?? He then went ahead to insult single mothers…, and then offered to buy Kiambu women panties and bikers because their men had failed to do so… it sounds really bad in greek!!!

Hata ingekuwa Raila, angeshinda Kabogo…its that bad!