Kabogo Tena!!




Kabogo will be rewarded with a state job soon…

I don’t think so. Yake ilikua political mob justice. Izo rewards hukuja na political contribution. Anafaa acheze design ya murungaru. Fly with what he has swallowed.


He wouldn’t take it. Kabogo is not a working stiff. He’s da boss and anything less is an insult. Plus I don’t think anyone would try to patronise him like that.

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NASA clowns. The next time Churchill wants to do auditions for upcoming comedians, he should look no further than in NASA. We have real talent there.


Can he lower his ego first

Kabogo is too rich for his own good .

Hehehe real talent.
Those saying Kabogo is too rich and arrogant for a government appointment hamjui nini mnasema. Sai we have vacancies kama zile za chairmanship ya NACADA na NTSA with very high visibility and office holders are expected to exhibit some arrogance anyway…its not about the cash but visibility. NTSA imesaidia Lee Kinyanjui sana…kuna so many chairmanships zenye kabogo anaeza pewa, watch this space


@mikel, neither Uhuru nor Ruto has a liking for Kabogo. If he doesn’t reign in his disappoinment and continues to blame unnamed big people for his loss, he’ll drift farther from reconciliation.

One thing I know is that he can forget elective office in Kiambu forever. That beating betrayed a deep loathing for the guy from all strata of society.


True, hes not a smart politician, or maybe its his personality cos I would have imagined someone with his resources he would have tried to endear himself to the two big men. Hopefully his businesses are above board otherwise hes going to have 5 very tough years.

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