Kabogo: 4.5 Billion "dispute" with Tatu City!


Kenya; cartels and dishonest people littered all over

Crazy Pharmacist

No wonder his sons hop from one club to the other everyday with Indian kungurus chewing those millions and the people of Kiambu want him back. Let them try another breed of a thief anyway.

Kiambu residents has no brains. They are all over barking “kaba Kabogo”.

When it comes to Kenyan voters siongeangi sana.

Somebody can give Kabogo money?

But mambo ya kudinywa haga huwa unapenda sana kuongea hio topic.

Niaje bottom fagget…

These scandals give a rough idea of how much the average governor takes home at the end of their term besides the official salary and allowances. Basically you can shake down anyone who wants to do anything of economic value within your county. Did part of that 4.5bn get kicked up the chain to Ichaweri? Surely such loot couldn’t be eaten by one man.

I doubt that Ichaweri receives such “small” monies…, But I agree with you, these public officers are pure leeches… nothing else!

Broker high class

I noticed that you really like homosexuality. I suspect ile handle rainbowreigns ni yako.

Bonobos never learn

Hii Kenya ukiingia governor one term, huwezi kosa kutoka na 1 billion = $10 million at the bare minimum. You can only imagine how much a governor in a remote county like Turkana has stolen in two terms. Ujue Turkana receives among the largest allocations and there is literally zero press coverage on graft juu ni mbali from Kanairo. 10 billion per year for 10 years. Nanok has received about $1 billion since he became a governor. Huyo sasa ndiye amekafunga bila stress.

gavana akipewa 10 billion per year, 2 billion ni yake na kurusha offshore.7 billion salaries( nusu ni ghost workers) 1 billion devpment

we should scrap counties

Kama Nanok ni mwizi hawezi kosa 20B stashed somewhere offshore basi.

In future we might have governors who are more powerful than presidential aspirants.

Politicians wote ni wakora sugu, without exception. Ni kama it’s a psychological profile u must have to seek power.

Watu wa Kiambu ni punda kabisa. How they recycle a few thieves for leaders defeats all reason. But I understand the problem with them is how they literally worship rich people. Look at Nyeri. Very different scenario. Since 2013 they have had five governors and even the current one might not make it back.

Kenya ni naija 2.0.

20 billion ni ya nini na you have no difference qualitatively na mtu anatengeneza 600k a month?

Hio wealth yote hauwezi hata wachia watoto and if you do it would overwhelm them.