Is there an echo in here?

buttco is just a dumbass with no life looking for attention…

Omondi you sound scared. Your foreskin must be shaking in utter fear.

Maga patriots might even circumcise both kassin barry and his man wife using sniper rifles.

America should not succumb to calls for a civil war. It’s the most unfortunate thing that can happen in the modern world full of blood-thirsty warmongers.

malaya mzee niaje


That’s why the British was one of the biggest empires in the world. They realized the folly of those that came before them, including Rome. Big armies lead to a disgrantled mass of citizens with military training. You would have thought the US learned from Iraq whose disproportionately huge army wrecked havoc on the region as ISIS. Britain has always maintain a small army even at its height of power. Which led to relative calm at home.

Mtu anapitanga barabara gani kama amevaa hizi? This is like walking with a bull’s eye behind your back.

That is @uwesmake I title .huyo akinyonywa makende na @Nipe Nikusifu thinks nothing else but how to tag pharmacist , I also heard he has another boyfriend with milk leaking breasts , remind that name @T.Vercetti