Kabete Politrics


Hii Ni tricky sana!!..

and more stories like this are yet to come

There are too many aspirants for the parliamentary and a lorry full for the MCA post

He he he!
Does the end justify the means?

But like I said earlier on another post I respect all aspirants in any Kiambu constituency,they have ballz of steel, aint for the faint hearted

Siasa apana mchezo.Kiti naeza simama ni ile niko unopposed.

This guy " Charge fresh" was to launch his manifesto today

It’s like he is no more

[SIZE=6]Charles Chege’s car found riddled with bullet holes[/SIZE]


Odd details:

  1. The police report finding two spent cartridges, not exactly what you’d say is enough to riddle a car with bullets
  2. If the photo above depicts a car that was ambushed with a barrage of bullets, how come there is no mention of bloodied seats, traces of death in the vehicle as with JJ?
  3. The driver. Did he hand over the vehicle to the boss?

Until more information is issued, it would be wise to avoid speculating that this is a political death. That area is notorious for car-jackings and thuggery, and our politicians sometimes stage their own kidnappings in order to generate attention. Halafu, we do not know whether the aspiring Mheshimiwa dismissed his driver so that he could enjoy some quality time with a slice-distributor, then got ambushed when he was heading home or bringing her home.


Entirely plausible.
The guy may resurface later claiming a kidnap after gaining tonnes of free coverage in the media.

He needs that publicity badly…



Nilisema kabete na kiambu yote watu watarudi nyumbani kwanzia Kabogo hadi Alice Nganga

thought somebody said he was killed

Lots of rumors flying around all over social media. Let’s wait and see if it’s confirmed.

Any updates about the guy?

Kiambu politics ni moto wa kuotea mbali, remember George Thuo, eliminations instead of nominations.

The guy has been found in Narok… https://www.standardmedia.co.ke/article/2001236509/missing-kabete-aspirant-chege-fresh-found-in-narok

Hehehehehe!! This is a perfect reenactment of that Juja guy’s stunt, or basic mchele business.

What did I say up there?

Hii ni kutubeba umeffi