Kabarak University lecturer goes after XTIAN NDELA after he exposed how he solicits SEX from female students in exchange for good grades! Shame on you

Friday, 03 December 2021 – A lecturer from Kabarak University has threatened to sue blogger Xtian Ndela after he exposed his randy behaviours.

Xtian received several complaints from female students who accused the sex-starved lecturer, identified as Fredrick Otieno, of soliciting sex from them in exchange for good grades.

Xtian has put it clear that he will not be cowed after receiving a demand letter from the lecturer.

Here’s the statement that he posted on his Instagram page.


I have received this UNSIGNED Demand Letter from the lawyers of one Mr. Fredrick Otieno. An ALLEGED Lecturer at Kabarak University. As the letter is NOT signed I can’t be sure if it’s the Kabarak University we all know and henceforth I can’t officially respond to it with my legal team.

I PROUDLY own an Online Youth Confession platform known as #TOBOA. Recently the most requested topic was SEX FOR GRADES in our Kenyan Universities.

When we ran the Topic, one Mr. Fred was mentioned by a LOT of Kabarak University students. The stories are still on my highlights.


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Hio ng’ombe is just displaying his ignorance eti unsigned letter. Kuna kitu inaitwa advance copy by email. Hio signed letter ataipata tuu asijali.

Sasa watu watakulana na amani…

xtian dela alenge such stories. kama mtu amekulwa apeleke complain kwa university administration


Cry me a river…

Tunawajua hawa wasichana sana… Peana ikus ukingoja A… Unashindwa kusoma, unapata transcript imejaa ma debe (a.k.a D ) sasa anaanza victim mentality…

Wakwende na huko mbali…

You can state anything but when you attack someone’s public character, you better have evidence of such, otherwise it’s defamation.

hakuna bana lecturer a concentrate kufunza then atuwachie mboga zetu .

The terms of the said high grades :smiley: :smiley: are the point, if the student wished to circumvent academic demands and reap where she did not sow then good riddance to bad rubbish, however if the student genuinely studied and was failed so as to loosen her goodies then fry the teacher…of course after due diligence.

STD’s ( Sexually Transmitted Degrees ) are fairly common among our young female generation …

SFG’s ( Sex for Grades ) is a way of life … :D:D

wewe ghaseer takataka I actually agree. Kwani pussy itapea hawa wasichana free pass hadi lini?

wasichana campus mnafanya course ya science ngumu sana ,graduation ikifika unapata dem hajawahi onekana class anapata 1st class