kabaddi..kenya wins

OK. We,as a country won today’s game but swali in when did we begin playing this game and what is it all about

Last time it was in India and we performed amazingly. Its more like wrestling and handball blended. But am not sure

kabadi ni upus gani

Game ya kina @kush yule mnono

Kabaddi is a game for homos. Niggas are holding your hand trying to keep you safe. Then when you let go some nigga jumps on your ass and he scores a point breaking the closet in the process.

:D:D:D only in ktalk

This comes as a surprise to me too. I thought only Indians and Pakistanis play this game.
But a win at any word stage for Kenya is always welcome.

:D:D:D:D kenya worlcup ya soccer imetushinda so tunakimbilia game za @Web Dev

Midfield ya Kenya iko sawa. One guy their reminds me of Abbas Magongo