Time ina change leo ama kesho?

For those in Kenya, what time is it right now? Nataka confirm kitu.


its 3:10 pm.
btw has Leicester boss been confirmed dead?

my little friend ni sunday 3.10 pm

Thanks… So time ime change. It’s 1.12pm here. Leicester City hawaja confirm and neither has any major news center but ile wanasema is that he was in the helicopter meaning amenyuria but again no trusted news outlet or Leicester fc has confirmed BT naskia the news will be dropping soon

Ghasia am not your friend neither little… Ghasia

Nafikiri huyo mzito ni kama ameukata. Fireball ya aviation fuel haina machezo.

am wondering why the delay, labda ako ICU. acha tugojee

Huyo aliugua on the spot… I don’t know why wana delay announcement.

Every body is wondering too. Lakini kuna Italian press ilisema amekufa lakini withdrew the statement wakasema they will confirm 1st

nijulishe as soon as the announce MMNN iwe na “breaking News”

Mangombe kama Robert Alai washaweka kwa blogspot yao via twitter ati confirmed dead. Mlami fulani amekuja pale kwa replies akauliza source ama Alai ajipate kortini…mjaka deleted the tweet with the quickness:D:D

Time ili change Jana usiku.
Hizi ni enzi za smartphone buda. Whatever time your phone says it is,it is.
You don’t need to adjust your clock.
Did you know that hii time adjustments inamalizwa soon?
EU wameona ni ujinga outdated.

what about southern Africa, pia hao hua wana adjust?

Oh thanks for the heads up…

I doubt


Hii adjustment used to be done because in winter, ( kwanzia leo basically) Giza inaingia mapema zaidi kama saa kumi jioni and asubuhi the daylight doesn’t break until around 9 o’clock in the morning.
It gets worse huko Scandinavian countries and Iceland etc…
Huko in the middle of winter there are a few days when it’s total darkness 24/7…

South Africa is so much further down geographically it doesn’t experience this extremes of darkness.

but they still adjust

so these phenomena don’t happen in the Southern Hemi? And North is up?

Us we’re adjusting next week. I’m happy I’ll not be on duty because you work an extra hour. :confused:
Cue the winter season…

Everyone got an extra hour in bed this morning huku.
Now the long nights and short days are here… So depressing.
It even snowed yesterday.
It’s days like this I feel like I could get a one way ticket to the republic…
But then again, maybe not!. kikikikkkk

Do they?
I didn’t think that they did.

these types of accidents have claimed too many of our leaders
George Saitoti, Orwa Ojode, John Garang de Mabior, Kipkalya Kones, Lorna Laboso, Bonaya Godana, Mirugi Kariuki