Ka Buda - As Diasporan, What's Went Wrong Here ?


A Kenyan man is in critical condition in a US hospital with multiple stab wounds after a brutal attack.

Kennedy Odhiambo, 38, suffered serious injuries after an American man attacked him and stabbed him 37 times at his home in Arlington, Texas, about 30 miles (48km) west of Dallas.

His sister Anna Obare, who spoke to the Nation, said Mr Odhiambo had a female visitor at his home and it is believed that she called the attacker at some point around 8pm (4am Kenyan time).

The attacker came over to the residence and Odhiambo let him in as he knew him. He had been providing his would-be attacker with a place to stay and even offered him food several times in the past.

The attack started immediately after the attacker gained entry into the residence and started stabbing him.


37 times na ako hai??
Kwani alikuwa anadungwa na toothpick??

@luoamerican ebu come kidogo

hahaha. … I think ni drillbit ya kiume

@luoamerican kama kundustan haijakuwa stabbed 37 timesunaitwa

Ata Mimi naishi diaspora. Ukivuka boda jua wewe umefika kimaisha. Kuja morogoro

It’s not that easy to die from being stabbed. He’d have to hit a major artery and not get medical attention fast

Substance abuse.

Sounds like a setup. Mjaluo alienda ku-flossia mateja. Those fuckers will kill u over a iron box if they think they will make money from it.

Iko sida!

Are you serious? What are the odds of missing a major artery after stabbing a person 37 times?

Two things ,
1 there was a love triangle and either he cheated on his white girlfriend or
2 drug business gone nasty.
Don’t joke with Wazungus these people are crazy. They go into territories that no black man can go …eg mountain climbing ,walking on molten volcano , smocking synthetic Marijuana. …and the list goes on.
Try to imagine these people equipped with this unique DNA of doing weird stuff and to add on that they take bipolar meds,moods stabilizers meds, adhd medication and all pycho medications ?

Was surprised that a friend of mine dentist also takes moods stabilizer medication …huko ni kunoma. I feel sorry for our sisters who proudly date these walami. They go through alot and forced to go into these unventured territories and they have to be because the want to keep marriage kicking …

Some people are just lucky like that

He is breathing on his own now.go to nation.co.ke .
If I’m in kenya I will make alot of noise but when I’m in someone’s land I’ll chose to be silent and always dodging trouble literally even if trouble is looking for me …especially unfamiliar women , alcohol and friends too

Knives you can carry legally have a blade not exceeding 7cm or 2.7 inches. Hapo mtu hucheza makarina, the attacker na attackee

The level of Violent crime in Europe is almost insignificant compared to that of Gun Loving Americans.
Labda uulize @kiLo- yeye ataelewa.
I have to say i am addicted to watching Dateline (an American TV programme) the brutality of this crime suggests that the Victim was well known to their attacker more than likely on a Romantic or Financial Level and they wanted them DEAD!..

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