@ka-buda and @miss wine shafted by Caroline



a heavy pounding it will be

Britain is about to get a dicking


Woooi woooi @Miss Finest Wine

Kikikikikikiki @Ka-Buda

Why has your thread malizikad?


“But as long as it makes you feel better about yourself… I ain’t mad atcha!”

“Niggers just don’t Know!”

  • Tupac Amaru Shakur


Because niggers just don’t know!

Which thread KB?It is damn ferking cold and will be for the next 10 days. Blizzard. I want to crawl to bed right now.

But look at the Daily Mail, a ferking penis is coming for you!

I don’t really read the Daily Mail…effing tabloid rag. Link if you like?

Sorry sweets… you’ll never see it because some hapless looser decided ati to do a CSI on me.
I’m sure they still have the details and I Dare them to do their best.

I think I underestimated the calibre of people here.
And to think that I am dealing with “learned Kenyans”…

You Loosers just limited KTalk as a forum by creating fear,not for me, but for all future contributers!

But that’s how niggers roll!
Keep wallowing in your mediocrity and narrow mindedness and see if I give a fuck!

These fools don’t know that Daily mail is the equivalent of Mpasho news.
They quote it like it’s the Bible kumbe in the UK it’s only read by the bigoted opinionated jobless Loosers.

Ni nni una fujo hivi leo? Nani uyo anakuanika wawesh?

I hear you hun. I hear you loud and clear. They have tried me saaaaaana pia. You just wonder! Ktalk will crash in a few years to come. Folk get tired of reading and fighting off rubbish.

What happened? feel free to inbox the bullcrap!

So we are fools and jobless, kikikikikk.

Yes read by the idiots that voted LEAVE! racist hateful negros. Now the Country is heading to the dogs. But in a nutshell what happened here that got you so enraged?

What you talking about?

Acha kucatch feelings kama mwanamke. Kumulikwa si big deal.

Negroes or rednecks?