K24 Kids Tv Show ... WTF?

Last week while flipping channels on Saturday morning, a certain soundtrack caught my ear (K24 Jus Kidz Show). After listening closely to the theme music, I confirmed that indeed they use the instrumental to this song by former boxing champ/rapper Roy Jones Jr:


Here are the lyrics to the hook:

I smoke, I drink I’m supposed to stop but I can’t
I’m a dog
I love hoes
And I’m addicted to money, cars and clothes
Do it big then
Do it big nigga
Do it big nigga
Do it big nigga

The show’s producer might not be aware of the irony in using such a soundtrack for a kids’ show.

I also noticed the other day Boomerang (dstv channel for Kids) were airing Episodes of Mr Bean on prime time, some of which have nudity scenes.
Like when he was fixing his new Tv’s antennae and In the Swimming Pool.
It was so disgusting.

Sean Paul of the YoungBloodz sikuyua alikuwa boxer.

Zamani kidogo tu nikiwa class three nilikuwa naingia manyanga, napatiana noti yangu ya 20 bob alafu naketi naskiza Mad Cobra akiimba full blast:

‘Girl flex, time to have sex look how long you have di rude boy a sweat…’

I was not affected nor influenced negatively. Na sisumbui.

zinaitwa subliminal messages designed for subconcious


this prog on Citisen sijui ‘de la rosa’ at 6 jioni teaching kids how to date n fool around! i had to ban it

WAS airing

Were airing. Its run by a Team.

na heshima yote nilikupa?