K24 anchor dies


That’s sad I really liked her.

So sad. She was ever cheerful and smiling no one could have guessed she was ailing.

sad…i know someone whose has metastasized…akiskia news kama hizi anakuwa down sana

RIP… she had a lovely smile… Rem her from reading 1pm news on ktn.

Don’t tell him/her

Cancer banae

Very sad news. MHSRIP…

Rest in Peace Anjlee Gadhvi

Oh no.
I really liked her.
May she RIP.

So sad R.I.P I remember when she started out on Straight up with kina Grace Msalame n Andrew Siro aka dj dru


She is now in a better place where there is no pain. RIP

Mbona sijui huyu beb?

Alikuwa anasoma news k24

Cancer is so shiiiit
Lost my paternal aunt due to pancreatic cancer two weeks ago

Pole Sana. This is a ruthless demon!


No one likes you