K/talkers who are COVID19 positive ( j&j inc investigation expose)

As u all know j&j inc = TMZ, Aljazeera, Fox news zote pamoja. J&J inc have being doing a top secret investigation about talkers who have COVID. Some are still loitering around spreading the disease while others are on self quarantine. With out any further ado let me u introduce u to Dr. @Jimit who will tell us more…welcome daktari

Asante mkubwa panyaste. Before we proceed I as Dr.jimit already warned u that if I can get it u can gerrit but some of u takatakas didn’t take me serious.

1st victim
The foolish mjaluo now turned pastor got COVID after his brainless head went to receive chicken from peasants.

Finest wine
Pelekaz umalaya to sleep with Nigerians. Akaipata huko.

3rd & 4th

This one is funny…haha. That mungiki @Motokubwa and that malaya @TrumanCapote . How they became a couple sijui…I will leave that to Panyaste and his j&j inc to answer. Look at them

Lemme give panyaste the mic to narrate this one. Thank u daktari, hehehe…this foolish mbukusu due to usoto went to a wines and spirits and drunk pombe which he was bn bought for. After the drinks the nigga who was buying him pombe who is well known homo sexual told him wapande juu kwa lodging. Lichoti said no…he was collected hadi pale juu kwa an already booked lodgo. Later asked will u take it the easy way or the hard way.



He was later seen running out of that lodgo with the speed of a cheetah never to be seen ever again until…

Seen self quaranting pale Kayole with flash backs hitting him about the ordeal HARD


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The irony of Okiya turning to a pastor… reminds me of 1990s when Luos who were infected with okimwi decided to get saved in the hope of getting cured

That pic where an already obese greedy pastor is collecting from an old malnourished couple their only cock to eat aptly potrays the work of the church in the society. Niliwacha kupea nyanyangu pesa mingi juu ya hii ujinga. Heri kumnunulia vitu

Bona lichoti ameinua kinyambis, or he is expecting @Kimakia

DCI. Directorate of Cortedivoire found a rare photo of
@Panyaste★ , @Blaze2 and Yvonne in undisclosed location in Berlin

Huyo jamaa has been through it,

@TrumanCapote ako ngangari bana… just chilling indoors eating bhajias

FOR sure! I can eat bhajia daily. That’s how much I love them. Lakini hizi photo Panyaste hutoa wapi coz they are award winning kwanza hio ya pastor imeni murder. But Panyaste why is there gey manenos in everything you post? Are you on the DL? FUNGUA ROHO TUKUITIE OKIYA AKUOMBEE HIO PEPO IACHANE NA WEWE.

Hio picha ya lichoti flash-backing. PTSD everywhere:D:D

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