K Talk University

If Ktalk was a University, the kind of junk you would walk out with at the end of your degree course

Course: The red pill gym: Hakiamama malaya ni malaya tu
Ongoing lessons by Proff Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndani and snip bits from Snr Lecturers Karoga, Wanaruona, Duke of Coomersville, et al
Course: Pokology I
Introduction to pokology by Prof Starcream (know your spots, don’t lose your bearing while walking in down town) assisted by snr lecturers ChiefGuest, Agwambo, thesavage et al
Course: Osha rungu, kesi baadaye
By Prof Sperminator assisted by snr lecturers ChiefGuest et al
Course: Ophthalmology primer
Induction to quantum eye detergent and propulsive nduthiology
By Prof RexSimba assisted by Snr lecturers Digi et al
Course: Life is terrible! Guide to hating men (and women) without blinking an eye: Also “Flying Solo” Pilots Work Group (Na Youtube ndizo zetu)
By Prof Kapondi Kapondi peke yake

Ongezeni courses zingine…

Degree in Troliing speciality in Clickbaits—Prof. DIGI K!hii

arabic studies with prof bingwa from kakamega

Hypocrisy & tribalism .

Advanced Attention Whoring


senior lecturer: Alphonso Abednego lichoti

Degree in Land Whale studies - Rexsimba

School of brothel philosophy @Mpenda

Wewe @MISCHIEF tusianzane, [SIZE=1]Ghaseeer[/SIZE]

niaje @dogi

The shit I’ve learnt from being a talker is gold.Ukiwa hapa na ulalie maskio ni shida yako.

Hii ni degree in Land Whale studies and gathering…

Above all KT is the home of ‘experts’. From aviation to environmental issues, medicals, legal name it…all under one roof.
Spin spin spin…

:D:D:D why would i agree to be miserable both irl and online?

Kuna kazi zingine mtu hawezi admit haki. Imagine kama mtu kazi yake ni kuosha watu rungu?

EMP 802: Sad truth that kunguru HAFUGIKI !! Elders :

Good question! sometimes I crack up loudly when I see some outrageous comments.:DHaki the other day I nearly died of laughter. This dude Duke of coomersville said that hata ukifungua kunguru kwa nyumba by chaining one leg ati bado atajikata na kisu aende kupeana vitu na mgu mmoja…taimagini!:D:D

It’s true, kunguru hafugiki

I got what he was trying to say, but my brain could not stop thinking about such a scenario. Okay so if I am chained, how do I get a surgeon’s knife or in this case a saw? then cut my leg and head off. That was way too hilarious:D. I even vuvuzelad the post to my friends who are not on KT.
Huyu ametubeba vibaya sana.:smiley: