K-Talk Lawyers: Was This Premeditated And Intentional...?

[li]WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT [/li][li]Footage shows the moment Harold Easter, 41, collapsed in the police interview room [/li][li]Easter was arrested on January 23 and swallowed a bag of cocaine, police said [/li][li]While he was left alone in the room, he cried out for help before falling on the floor[/li][/ul]

[li]He is then seen convulsing for several minutes before a sergeant finds him [/li][li]Easter was then taken to a nearby hospital where he died three days later [/li][li]Earlier this week, four North Carolina cops and a sergeant resigned following an investigation into the in-custody death of the father [/li][li]The officers resigned a week after they were cited for termination, officials said[/li][li]The cops allegedly knew he ingested the drugs but didn’t seek immediate help[/li][li]The DA’s office said no charges will be filed against officers because there wasn’t proof that Easter would have survived if he did have immediate help [/li][/ul]

He commits suicide and the system cites innocent cops for termination


More riots i presume?

He did not commit suicide, pwana…

[li]The cops allegedly knew he ingested the drugs but didn’t seek immediate help[/li][/ul]

They are guilty of “murder by omission.” In law, if you witness a fellow human being committing an act which you are sure is aimed at terminating his/her life, yet you fail to act towards stopping them from executing it, you are guilty of such and you can be charged in a court of law with the same.

I hope the officers win the case