K.R.A on my neck

Wadau saidieni hapa. Nikifile 2020 returns my comp ilihang just before the final step before ni submit ikakosa ku fill in the blank space for personal relief.

Sasa nadaiwa the whole amount of tax . Problem is I changed employers mid year so Sina P9 ya the first 6 months of 2020. And this is what kra is demanding for amendment. Nimejaribu kuongea na former employer na they’re just not helping the case…

What happens if I ignore the taxman? Will I be able to file next year’s returns?

Go to the Regional Domestic Taxes Department Team serving your area. Make your case there in person.

Most of the time they will tell you to write an email to some regional director guy, or some other pencil pusher huko, explaining the issue. Just give them proof of you changing employers or any other proof that can make your case stand.

Most of the time they will resolve the issue without drama.

But it all depends with the bugger reading your email. Kama ni mtiaji hauna bahati.

Issuance of a p9 by your former employer is your right and an obligation to them. Ama?

Hii ndio sijajua bado

You will be able to file next years returns. But they will demand this years. The issue will not go away until you resolve.

nyinyi ndio wale employees mukipata greener pastures munakunia kwa kiti ya mdosi b4 muende

Just visit their offices. They are rather friendly as they want people to comply.

File an amended return.

As hinted, talk to them they will help, don’t ignore the taxman. I think the issue here is not KRA. Ongelesha employer vizuri akusaidie, mtu wa finance has no right kunyima P9.

Jaza Ile style ingine bila p9 ,if you’re sure your former employer remitted all taxes.

QUOTE=“LeoK, post: 3348333, member: 11797”]Just visit their offices. They are rather friendly as they want people to comply.


They rejected amended returns coz sikuwatumia that P9 For Jan to june

Wakule block tuone watakutoa wapi. KRA hapa DCI.

Just go to Agip house and look for KRA brokers who will sort you out (for a fee) through their contacts in KRA.

Vile umeambiwa hapo, tembelea Regional domestic tax manager in your area. Friendly guys na wanakusort bila hongo.