K.N.H @ it again.


Lata summary pls. We don’t have time for watching all that.

My heart is bleeding…KNH needs redemption ASAP…So sad

Summary wont do this video justice… i highly recommend you take your time and watch it, you might learn something or better yet save someone’s life.

Mtu akiweka summary mniambie. Sina bundles ya kudownload that video

peasant wa diaspora niaje?


Niko pouwah sonko wa Runda

Terrible, tragic.

There is a big infighting at KNH between management and registers. Nurses and KNH doctors are administered by KNH management. Registers are in the private wing, seconded by UoN as they complete their masters. Its all about interests and cartels. Its about time they are separated permanently for effective control and service.

Damn…too girlish :D:D:D…ama uko kwa salon ukifanywa pedicure…he he