ruto ataingia 2022 easily. saa mbili asubuhi.

ile itakuwa controversial ni 2027 because uhuru’s political influence will be very low by then. depending on how ruto treats them, gema might just decide to look elsewhere. but there is no way ruto will let go of the seat by then. result? chaos.


My good brother,ACTING MD FOR AFEW MONTHS,sorry for shouting.

OUCH! hii it runs in the blood umeumiza mimi!

She was acting MD because the former had been sacked on corruption allegations. Of the top 3 candidates, who has more experience than her? Or did you want her to be Acting MD for 10 years so she can be confirmed as MD?

Check out @MBOMB added logic/facts/truth/ukweli/manadier above thread.It runs in the blood hence your facts dont count.

@IPDEV = @Jakoyo = Magufuli mdanganyifu = luomerica = etc! Multi-tasker, multi-handler per excellence!

So you wanted her to be disqualified because of her father who was a former MD between 1980-1984?

The same ish we have about Babuons father and UKs father is being played out clearly,kwani IPDEV alizaliwa akuwe mechanic pekee,are we having a caste system in Kenya???

She was interviewed and came out top of the list, that is all that matters. I think guys should stop trying to paint a picture of mischief in every government move, propaganda itatumaliza buana.

@Okiya …you have guts to carry an argument with some people. Sigh!

Toa umefi hapa,better still weka hiyo gif yako ndio ufeel better,truth is truth.

Boss nobody is doing that, actually the government refused “our offer to help them paint the pictures of mischief” and so far they are doing a good job on their own. Dont turn a blind eye to public appointments “trend”…It’s all there in black and white.

Please go take your breakfast,uliamka mapema sana,such accusations/defamation is not required.

Kwani iko makosa gani hapo? Si that is what democracy is all about?

Google/Read on Caste System,India as an example.Democrasy means even if i was born of a Mechanic dad i should still be given same opportinities with my qualifications not withstanding as Babuon and Uks when it comes to appointment.The KPA issue looks more of the latter.

You get equal opportunities but the best qualified person gets selected. You cant wash away the fact that the lady was the most qualified.

And in the diaspora wewe ni Geza Ulole! Tihihihii!