-Yatich Kangugo,over 10years experience as Mombasa Interanational Airport Manager
-Has been on acting capacity close to 2 years
-Number last on “interview”
-Catherine Muturi,afew years experience in the Industry
-Has been on acting capacity 6 months
-Related to Justin Muturi-Speaker wa Jubilee ama National Assembly

Back to K.A.A. how many shortlisted “these people” were there.Hii ukweli ya Kabogo na Nakuru Nominated senator tunafa kuelewa.

Itakua ngumu kunyima huyu jamaa hii kitu.

KAA amepewa expatriate…

Good job, Omera! Keep it up!

Check out MIA the last 10 yeasrs and tell me about Expatriate,the guy is a result oriented guy but clearly WSR and Kimaiyo influenced his fate,heri ange kua shaffie weru.

Maybe atapata party nomination to run for President. Kura on the other hand “One man, One Vote”. History tells me a whole lot will have changed between now and 2022 and anyone talking about 2022 (for or against Ruto) is just an idler.

It’s Catherine Mturi not MUTURI and she is not a greek

Worked for the same company for 20+ years but that is nothing to the rubble rising cordmorons it doesn’t suit their narrative of ‘Those’ people.

Wairi,third name-----lets not get there.In Kenya there are 42 grooms and you tell me only 1 man can be interviewed for the wedding,pris!

propaganda is more effective if centered around the truth else it harms the cause and the source…

As a country, we have reached a point where we look at appointments to public office using the tribe factor first and then qualifications later (or not)

Mturi, not Muturi you tribal Neanderthal!

@kingolonde Until you get to know Yatich its futile to understand my firing shots.The last 2 MDs obviously from “these people” were all confirmed after being on Acting capacity,the immediate former was just a Marketing graduate while the other was an Electrical Engineer and then we still talk of QUALIFICATIONS,prris!

Jonny Andersen,

  • responsible for 4 state owned regional airport hubs in Norway
    -annual aircraft movements of 120,000+
    -6 million passengers annually

You need to study the direction JKIA is heading to and will realize Jonny is the most qualified among them.

I agree Okiya we need Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as Kenyas president as you know we are heading to 2nd world status,yeah right.

Does the constitution allow for that? Sorry I forgot, ulisomewa

Her Father, Jonathan Mturi is a former MD of KPA…What do u say to that?..“runs in the blood”?

She’s been at KPA since 1993. That’s 23 years. Is that what you call a few years experience?

Some logics though.

@Okiya, this guy is resorting to the only way he knows of winning an argument: out-shouting you. He’s a genius who doesn’t need to read or reason anything. Akisomewa, anaipata through diffusion, osmosis, faimba and through any other means.