This Electronics company used to have crazy hifi systems, competing with Sony. Their TVs also were of great quality. Does JVC have a showroom in Nairobi? I don’t see new products from them nowadays and I happen to think that they gave up due to competition.
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yup it was bought out

Back then we used to have everything jvc at home frm radio,vcr to Tv.En the quality was the best , hawa wachina ndo wameleta fakes.

Its amazing that in this internet age someone can post a listing asking what happened to a company instead of googling. Another one adds a comment saying ‘I heard’. Now people, stop this typical laziness. There is a lot of info on the internet, just google


JVC Kenwood is the parent company. wikipedia ni ngumu kupata yawa!

sasa kama angegoogle tungejua aje it was bought out. Atleast he has made me know what I didn’t know.

Unapata mtu anakuja hapa kuuliza ‘how much does fencing wire cost’? And you find fellas here trying to give him an answer. Walk to the damned hardware shops and ask.

condom ya strawberry flavor ni doh ngapi?

Sometimes referrals are good based on previous user experience. Though I agree some guys here are very lazy.

i also look for experience… u save someone ass… “warn a brother”

Does JVCKenwood have a showroom here?

sau after me Geee Ooo Ooo Geee eLoo Eeee

In the early years of the last decade, they had one somewhere along Mpaka road in Westlands and their service agents were located in Highridge just after that Chandarana supermarket. I’m not sure if the same holds till now.

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