Juvenile Couple Drama

They need prayers … :D:D



Worst part is, akimgisa kidogo tuu, that’s where assault charges begin. What she does to him won’t count. And that my friends, is where we will be as a country in a few years time.

Just go commercial. Vaa CD bonds vitu, back to mission

This man is allowing himself to be mistreated. He doesn’t have to hit her back but he can get away and sue her for assault, and it would stick. In fact he should have called the cops immediately. The only dowside is he might have a criminal record.

I have a Theory …

Increase the frequency of Good regular S*ex to reduce tension and aggression …

I bet if he had gone beyond passive , given her attention and positive complimentary comments and started to “tune” her , all that aggressive behavior would have faded away …


Our close cousins ( the Primates ) do it successfully all the time … :D:D