Juvenile Blunder

Only a Juvenile would do such a thing… :D:D



That Amina is hotter, and probably less entitled, and fired from fenty now?

Whati didi she expekti kuzaa na mtoto mjinga?anyway,ni maisha

You cant eat steak every day.

Drake is punching the air right now

Ukikula kitu for a period of time, no matter how hot, utazoea and start looking for something new. 98% of men are wired like that

i dont agree that amina ni mfupa average but her less looser puscy ndio ameshindia postwall rihanna

The remaining 2% ni @MBOMB na @Agwambo

DRake ni betachieth kutomba wanyanya ndio expertise yake. siwes shangaa akianza kutomba rihanna after ile madharau rihanna alim show

Nimesoma Amina Mudavadi

Speak plainly …
Would YOU dump Rihanna … ??? :D:D:D

Stick to land whales

I decided to be loyal to your mother 100%

Nope… but am pretty sure i would sleep out after a while. Kwanza the way she is pg now am sure she has her mood swings and maybe doesnt want sex

Compared to what You feed on …
I am miles ahead … :D:D