JUSTINA WAMAE OF ROOTS PARTY vs Gachagua X Martha Karua!

The 2022 election is drawing near and I must say I was marveled by Justina Wamae of Roots Party during the deputy president debate. If the four candidates were put on the same podium it’s most likely that Justina would crash them. The idea of industrial hemp is long overdue and has to be implemented as soon as possible. Uganda recently exported 250 kg of industrial hemp at a cost of $1500 per kg to Israel, Uganda has also made a deal with Canada and Germany to export medical marijuana and industrial hemp worth Ksh160 billion. Thailand sells its marijuana at $2200 per kg. Industrial hemp is the future!


Kenya has no capacity to manage Cannabis whatever variety. Industrial Hemp and the other variety will be interchanged and Kenya will be plagued by drug lords worse than those of Mexico or Colombia.

Mahindi na miwa zinatushinda ni Bangi tutawezana?

Nyeri inaweza Kuwa Sinaloa ama medellin

You suffer from timid thinking. Cannabis is the future

Why are Kenyans always pessimistic about the future of Kenya? What’s so different in Uganda, who have legalized for commercial purposes, very different from Kenya?